Wherever the danger of explosion exists, IEP Technologies
products can protect your employees, property, and assets.


Consider for a moment the devastating after effects an explosion could cause in your manufacturing plant or processing facility.

A vital process could be shut down for days or even weeks. The business interruption and resulting lost productivity could put your company at a competitive disadvantage in the marketplace. The cost coverage could increase dramatically.

Or worse yet, your employees could sustain serious or even fatal injuries.

It all adds up to one sobering fact: an explosion hits your company where you can least afford it.. on the bottom line.

Fortunately there are reliable, proven ways to safeguard your most vital facilities against explosion and protect your bottom line...

IEP Technologies Explosion Protection Systems.

The World's Most Extensive Line of Field-Proven Components
IEP Technologies offers the most extensive line of detectors  (including pressure, optical, and thermal sensing detectors), high-rate discharge containers, and state-of-the-art
control panels
available today.
These products include:
IEP Technologies high-rate discharge extinguishers.These rechargeable, spherical containers
are filled with the suppressant agent most appropriate for a given application and pressurized with dry nitrogen. The containers are equipped with a three-inch
electro-explosive burst.

The average dollar loss per explosion incident in a typical year is $3.4 million dollars...

Total losses from explosions are four times the amount of losses from all other causes, including fire...

Explosions account for less than
4% of all interruptions but nearly 40% of all losses.



Over 5,000 IEP Technologies systems are installed worldwide, limiting the explosion
 danger of a wide range of materials in an equally wide range of process
applications. Don't guess or gamble.

Do you have a potential explosion  lurking in your process? As a rule of thumb, if the liquid can burn, the vapor will explode; and if the solid can burn, the dust will explode.

While the primary emphasis of any explosion protection program should be prevention, explosions still occur.
IEP Technologies has over 5,000 explosion suppression systems installed worldwide, and these systems detect and suppress over 150 explosions per year. Key to the success of these systems is the ability to detect the explosion early enough so that suppressant agents can be released and brought into play before the explosion reaches destructive proportions. Suppression Since the development of pressure in a deflagration explosion is not an instantaneous event, it is possible, by early detection and the rapid introduction of a suppressant, to limit the increase in pressure before it reaches dangerous levels. Known as explosion suppression, this method works only if both the detection of explosion and the introduction  of the suppressant take place within the volume where the explosion is initiated. A properly designed suppression system will release suppressant in a matter of milli-seconds after an explosion is detected and can limit the pressure increase in the hazard area normally to less than 0.2 bar g. Suppressants work against dust explosions by removing heat from the flame front thereby lowering the temperature below the auto-ignition point and by creating a barrier between the particles to prevent the transfer of heat. The choice of suppressant depends on the material being processed and its explosion characteristics. IEP Technologies offers a complete line of suppressants and will match the suppressant to the application.


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