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The Protectowire Company, Inc. is the originator and worldwide leader in the manufacture of Linear Heat Detectors and Special Hazard Linear Heat Detection Systems. Our solutions include complete alarm systems for fire detection suitable for a vast array of industrial and commercial applications.

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Protection for Cable Trays

Protectowire Linear Heat Detector can
pin point the location of an overheat or fire
condition anywhere in a cable tray.
Protectowire may be economically applied
to monitor each tier of cables and is adaptable
to all cable tray types such as ladder, trough,
solid-bottom, channel, cable bus duct, and
tubing raceway. The detector follows the
vertical and horizontal runs and may be
placed in direct contact with the cables.
Protectowire may be easily removed from
one tray rail or both and reinstalled by the
use of Protectowire factory-supplied
mounting clips.


Protection for Conveyors

The major risks of fire in conveyor installations
are in the materials being conveyed, or in the
case of belt conveyors, the belt itself. Once
fire is ignited, it can spread quickly along the
length of the conveyor and be extremely
difficult to extinguish. Protectowire Linear Heat
Detector is typically installed directly over
the conveyor or on either side of the belt.
Protectowire systems can be designed to
protect all types of conveyors.



Protection for Electrical Equipment

Protectowire Linear Heat Detector may be
easily installed inside equipment to follow
cable raceways and harnesses or in direct
contact with any components or areas which
are subject to overheat and fire.
The detector may be used anywhere ambient
temperatures do not exceed its installed
temperature rating. Nonmetallic cable straps
are used to fasten the wire during installation.
Installation time and expense are greatly
reduced when compared to spot-type heat
Protectowire Type EPC is well suited to the
aggressive atmosphere often found in many of
these applications.


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Protection for Power

Transformer fires often occur because of
arcing due to the deterioration of insulation.
Fires are also caused by lightning or dirty
insulators on the tank.
Protectowire Linear Heat Detector
provides a simple and reliable solution. The
detector can be easily installed adjacent to
or directly on all types of transformers to
provide detection of any overheat condition.
Protectowire Type EPC or EPN have been
designed to operate indoors or outdoors.



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